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How Much Does a Root Canal Cost in Australia?

Root canal treatment is one of the last lines of defence for preserving your natural smile. However, root canal cost can be a determining factor for some patients. The cost of a root canal varies from tooth to tooth, depending on circumstances like:


Which Tooth it Is

Certain teeth are typically easier to perform a root canal than others. 

Depending on where the tooth is in your mouth, it will change how many roots there are and if the tooth is easily accessible. 

Each factor influences the amount of time required for your procedure, which then impacts root canal cost. Laser technology can make your treatment more efficient.


How Many Roots the Tooth Has

Root canal treatment requires cleaning out the nerve canal in each root. Some teeth have one root, while others have 2-3 roots. 

And then there may be secondary canals extending off the root, which require technology to see, access, and clean out. The more roots or canals in a root canal (Sydney) procedure, the higher the root canal cost. With a laser root canal technology, you can rest assured that no matter how many canals your tooth has, your process will be a comfortable and predictable one!


Anatomy of Your Tooth

Most tooth roots are fairly straight with a mild curve to them (helping anchor them into your bone.) 

But occasionally, roots may be twisted, bent at odd angles, or even have calcifications that block off the canal at certain points. Or perhaps you had a past root canal treatment that failed and needs to be re-treated. 

While these root canal cost factors are not common, they can impact the total fee for your treatment. Our laser root canal Sydney dentists will let you know if any of them pertain to your unique circumstances.

root canal treatment

Average Root Canal Cost in Sydney

Depending on the above-mentioned factors, the typical cost of root canal treatment in Australia usually ranges from $950 to $2500 before insurance.

The best way to get a firm price quote is to visit our Sydney root canal dentist for an exam. We will evaluate each aspect of your tooth to determine the overall investment required. 

From there, you’ll receive a Laser Root Canal Treatment plan that outlines all of the details. Be sure to provide a copy of your health fund information so that we can help you limit any out-of-pocket costs. Most root canals are covered by insurance.

A Root Canal Saves You Money

Without a root canal, you run the risk of losing your tooth altogether. At that point not only are you paying to have the dying tooth removed, but you’ll also need to budget for its replacement. 

Depending on whether you want a bridge or dental implant, there are various additional costs attached. Whereas preserving your tooth with root canal treatment minimizes your total out-of-pocket costs over your lifetime.

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