Pros and Cons of Laser Root Canal

24 Nov 2021

Pros and Cons of Laser Root Canal

Laser dentistry provides an advanced option for root canal treatment to save a badly damaged tooth.

But what are the benefits of a laser root canal compared with traditional root canal treatment? And are there any drawbacks to the laser procedure?

In this post, we’ll be examining the pros and cons of laser root canal to help you decide whether this treatment is right for you.

First, though, we’ll see why you might need a root canal.

Problems a Root Canal Can Fix

A root canal can save a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted because the pulp – the soft centre of the tooth – has become infected.

This can happen because of various factors, including:

  • Deep decay.
  • A crack or chip in the tooth.
  • Repeated dental work on the tooth.
  • Physical injury.

Problems like these can cause severe toothache and result in sore gums, hypersensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, and darkening of the tooth as the nerve in its root dies.

Advantages of Laser Root Canal

The laser root canal procedure does the same job as conventional root canal treatment. It removes diseased tissue, and cleans, fills and seals the area in preparation for a crown to restore the tooth to full function.

But there’s one big difference – a dental laser is used instead of a drill. Besides avoiding the stress of having a drill working in your mouth, a laser root canal has several other advantages.

  • The laser destroys damaged tissue with far greater precision, leaving the tooth cleaner and preserving more of its healthy structure.
  • Faster treatment – typically in a single 30-minute appointment.
  • More comfortable procedure with less bleeding.
  • Limited need for anaesthesia.
  • Faster healing with less risk of infection.

Drawbacks of Laser Root Canal

A downside of laser root canal treatment is that it’s not suitable for everyone. For instance, the laser option won’t work if your tooth has too much decay or has already had a filling.

If your tooth is beyond repair, dentists at Laser Root Canal Treatment Sydney recommend extraction and a dental implant to replace the tooth. Implants preserve facial appearance as well as restore oral functionality.

The other drawback of laser root canal treatment is that it may be more expensive. However, laser root canal cost is typically hundreds of dollars less than the alternative of extraction and replacement with a dental implant.

Is Laser Root Canal Right for Me?

As you can see, the pros of laser root canal treatment far outweigh the cons, and most people are good candidates for this procedure.

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How Much Will It Cost?

Pricing of pain-free laser dentistry at Laser Root Canal Treatment starts from $950, with interest-free payment plans available to spread the cost.

As with conventional root canal treatment, laser root canal cost depends on considerations such as extent of infection and complexity of the procedure.

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