2 FEB 2021

Laser Root Canal Vs Traditional Root Canal Treatment: What’s the Difference?

Laser root canal treatment provides the most advanced solution for saving a badly damaged tooth. Would laser Root canal suits you better?

29 APRIL 2021

Is Laser Dentistry the Future of Dentistry?

Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) made its dentistry debut in the early 1960s and was initially regarded as a luxury with limited possibilities.

27 MAY 2021

Root Canal Vs Implant: Which Option Is Best for Me?

If you have a badly decayed tooth, you may think extraction is the only course of action. However, root canal treatment may be able to …

22 JUNE 2021

Root Canal Vs Implant: Which Option Is Best for Me?

A root canal can save a badly damaged tooth, and advanced laser root canal treatment can do it painlessly with a routine procedure …

22 JULY 2021

What is a Root Canal and Why Do You Need It?

Root canal treatment to remove the diseased pulp can save the tooth by preserving its remaining structure…

23 AUGUST 2021

Do I Need Root Canal? 6 Ways to Tell if You Need Root Canal

Root canal treatment can repair a tooth that would otherwise have to be taken out. But you can’t afford to hang around…


Sydney Root Canal: Cost, Procedure and Aftercare

Many people in Sydney choose advanced laser dentistry if they need a root canal to avoid extraction of a severely infected or decayed tooth…